Public Relations

KANA Public Relations Subcommittee Report

21 August 2021 

During Open Forum

  • Merged the website IT and meeting schedule coordinator.

Ongoing Efforts

  • We would like to start making efforts towards presentation booths. They can be in any facility and a person will stand with a presentation and talk about NA. 
  • Started making a list of places to reach out to for QR codes, meeting schedules, and presentation booths.

Activities Completed:

  • Jamie has updated all meetings but one (The Remedy), there are 32 verified active meetings.
  • We have printed out 250 more QR code stickers.
  • Printed out meeting lists to give to GSRs
  • Requested reimbursement for stickers and meetings

**Request to Groups**
Please review the meeting lists and let us know if there are any corrections that need to be made at least 2 weeks before the next ASC meeting so that we can update a print those updated lists.

Next subcommittee meeting to be held 10 September 2021 @ 6 PM, Northside Christian Church – 4008 Tazewell Pike Knoxville, TN 37918

Thanks for letting me serve.

Hannah M.


PR: had a meeting a few weeks ago. Wants to get meeting schedule updated and possibly a PR
section on there, including the NA hotline number.
PR meets on the first Friday of the month (4 June 2021) at 6:30 PM at Northside Christian
Church 4008 Tazewell Pike Knoxville, TN 37918. Being that this was our first meeting in some
time, there are some administrative and logistical kinks that we are still working through and plan
to finish polishing at our next meeting. In order to aid us in our organization we plan to:
● Ask for access to the website
● Requesting a PR tab on the website so that we can update, as needed
● coordinate with the Outreach Subcommittee to build a plan to determine which meetings are
still occurring and their respective dates/times and locations
● request an update on our monthly budget in order to better plan our efforts
We have also printed out meeting lists this month in order to at least get information about
meetings to home groups.

Administrative Business:
Hannah M was voted in as Secretary of the PR subcommittee and we will be voting in the
following position at our next meeting:

● Vice Chair
● Treasurer?**
● Website/IT
● Meeting Schedule Coordinator
● Industry Liaison

Ongoing Projects:
We have come up with an initial plan to print out meeting lists and distribute them to local law
enforcement agencies, probation offices, hospitals, etc… where we receive permission to do so.
We would also like to create flyers or stickers with a QR code that links to the Knox NA website.
Recent PR Events:
We held the PR Extravaganza.
Upcoming PR Events:
We have no upcoming events at the moment.
Our next subcommittee meeting will be held 9 July 2021 @ 6 PM, Northside Christian Church.